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COVID-19 - Valley League, Rink and Skills Update

Hi Hockey Families,

We wanted to provide you with our latest update related to the COVID-19 restrictions impacting our rink as well as the Valley Hockey League. We have been monitoring the situation so closely to ensure our kids can keep playing this season, and will provide you these regular updates as we decipher the information and learn what is working and what doesn’t work. We thank everyone for your patience so far and are grateful that everyone is working to come together and get our kids playing during this “new normal”. Below are the latest updates: 


Valley Hockey League:

The VHL Rinks imposed a no spectator policy for a 2 week period. This was a direct response to spectators attending games and practices who were refusing to abide by the State Mandated COVID-19 Guidelines. This restriction on spectators will be lifted on September 11, 2020 and 1 spectator can attend at this point. If spectators are found to ignore the guidelines such as social distancing and face coverings, unfortunately, spectators attendance could be restricted again. A link with rink specific restrictions will be provided by VHL shortly. 


Burbank Ice Arena Updates:

There have been some updates made in regards to locker rooms and where players/ coaches can congregate prior to ice time.

  1. Players and coaches must stay in the locker room with a mask on until the zamboni is off the ice.
  2. Players must sit on the marked X in the locker room. Due to state guidelines, there cannot be more than 14 people in a locker room.
  3. Either parent/guardian or player upon exiting the locker room needs to take all their belongings to the bleacher area. If practicing down the far end (scoreboard end), they must take their belongings all the way down for easier exit from the rink.

Friday Night Skills:

  1. Teams that practice the 1st hour will use the locker rooms, keep their belongings in the locker room for the duration of the skate. When finished they will leave out the front of the building.
  2. Teams that practice the 2nd hour will space out on the bleachers. You can enter 20 minutes before your session to try and limit the amount of people passing by each other near the front entrance. If you are one of the first few families to show up, please walk all the way down to the scoreboard side of the bleachers so others do not have to walk past you to get ready. When finished, the 2nd hour group will exit out the back of the building.
  3. Teams that practice the 3rd hour will use the locker rooms same as hour one. Keep belongings in locker rooms and exit out the front of the building.

When putting on skates and helmets, please utilize the first few rows, not just the bottom few rows, to maintain distancing.


With games starting this weekend, a reminder that every coach and player needs to wear a mask or gaiter on the bench, and that the "center" must wear a face covering at every face-off.


Thanks again for helping make this season a success. We will see you all at the rinks soon!






by posted 07/17/2020
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