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RYH Open Board Positions

RYH Open Board Positions

We will begin our search process for next years open board positions. Below please find descriptions of our open board positions for next year. All positions listed, with the exception of Treasurer and Secretary which are only 1 year, are 2 year positions. Anyone interested please contact Casey Moulton at [email protected].

Mite Director (Covers Travel and In-house

Mite travel:

  • Assist parents with any questions they may have or direct them in the right direction

  • Check players in for travel tryouts

  • Collect evaluation sheets from third-party evaluators from tryouts

  • Assemble travel teams from third-party evaluators and coach’s/board input

  • Assemble coaching staffs

  • Assist in monitoring coach’s requirements 

  • Double-check ice coordinator’s schedule against the VHL posted schedule

  • Distribute and collect evaluations of players from coaches to assist in placing kids on teams for the subsequent year

Mite in-house:

  • Assist parents with any questions they may have or direct them in the right direction

  • Create in-house teams 

  • Assemble coaching staffs

  • Assist in monitoring coach’s requirements 

  • Create schedule

  • Find scorekeeper/referees weekly for in-house games

  • Seek opportunity for in-house teams to play against other towns

  • Seek opportunity for special events like the Winter Classic in Lynnfield

  • Run year-end jamboree

  • Distribute and collect evaluations of players from coaches to assist in placing kids on teams for the subsequent year


The Treasurer shall have custody of all RYH, Inc. funds and shall keep books belonging to the Association with full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements. He/she shall render full account balances to the President and the Board of Directors at the regular meetings of the Board of Directors whenever requested by them. He/she shall be able to account for all transactions as Treasurer and for the financial condition of RYH, Inc. A treasurer’s report shall be presented to all members of the Board of Directors at each monthly meeting and shall report in detail at the annual meeting and at such other times as directed by the Association. 


The secretary shall attend all meetings of the members and the Board of Directors and shall record true minutes of the proceedings of all such meetings. He/she shall give all notices as required by the RYH, Inc. by-Laws or resolutions. He/she shall perform such other duties and may be delegated and keep a complete list of all RYH, Inc. members, with addresses and telephone numbers. He/she shall take a  roll call at all Board of Directors’ meetings to ensure attendance. The secretary will be the custodian of all official records of the Association and will maintain a library for five consecutive years. In addition the Secretary will assume the role of President in situations where both the President and Vice President are absent from a board meeting. S/he will maintain all the same responsibilities that the President maintains including but not limited to casting the tie breaking vote when necessary. 

District 10 Representative 

Attend the monthly Mass Hockey District 10 meeting to represent the interests of Reading Youth Hockey. Distribute information from Mass Hockey District 10 meetings to the Board and/or members. Communicate Mass Hockey rule changes, coaching requirements, tournament information, etc. to the RYH Board. Create and submit USA Hockey Rosters for all RYH teams using the USA Hockey Portal. Submit teams for the Mass Hockey District 10 Playdowns and Mass Hockey State Tournament. Ensure all related Mass Hockey District 10 Playdowns and Mass Hockey State Tournament activities are completed as needed. Monitor the USA Hockey Portal for completion of all required training by RYH coaches and volunteers. Provide reporting to RYH President, Level Directors and ACE Director regarding training status of RYH coaches and volunteers.

Squirt/ Pee Wee/ Girls/ Midget Level Director

  • Assess and identify coaches training requirements and deadlines

  • Make sure coaches meet deadlines for training requirements

  • Coordinate player evaluations from coaches at the end of the year

  • Coordinate player evaluations working with an external organization

  • Provide communications to parents as needed

  • Support and coordinate tournaments as needed

  • Support coaches with issues as they arise during the year

  • Attend monthly meetings and support BOD needs as they arise

Equipment Director Summary

The Equipment Director is responsible for assigning jersey numbers to all RYH players that don’t currently have one. They will work closely with Level Directors after rosters are assigned to ensure all players have a number and provide Dynamik Sports this info during the month of April/May.  They will answer any questions that Dynamik, Level Directors or inquiring parents may have up until items are ready for pick up at the store in August/September. 

They will also be responsible for ordering equipment prior to the hockey season and distribute the necessary supplies to all coaches before the first practice of the year by August/September.  They will be on call during the season to meet up with any coaches that need to replenish supplies as needed. They will keep supplies in stock and order more as necessary during the season.

They will meet monthly with all Board members to report on equipment happenings and potential equipment needs.


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