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Reading Youth Hockey is pleased to present the 5000 Puck Challenge. The program was created as a development opportunity for hockey players to develop their shooting and scoring skills at home. There’s evidence to show that daily micro-practices are effective and often superior to longer practice sessions once or twice a week. When you practice a little each day, skills don’t erode. In fact, they get better. Our goal is to educate and engage our players in a fun and easy way. So, how well do you think your shot would improve if you were to take 5000 shots over a 10-week period?Think it can’t be done? Think again! We have created a plan for players of all ages and abilities to follow over 10 weeks to accomplish this goal.
Use the hashtag #RYH5000 on Facebook or Instagram @ReadingYouthHockey and include us in your progress!

Goal: Increase shot speed, quickness and accuracy
The Plan: Shoot 5000 pucks in 10 weeks
Weekly Goal: 500 shots per week
Daily Goal: 100 shots per day (5 days per week)
                                                    Tracking Sheet                       Program Overview               
Getting Started | What You Need
  • A regulation size net (street hockey, or ice hockey, even drawn on a concrete wall)
  • Shooter tutor or targets (can be made out of plywood, place plastic bottles in the corners orpurchased)
  • Shooting surface (concrete floor, driveway, 3'x3' heavy plastic sheet)
  • 10-100 pucks
  • Hockey gloves
  • Stick (should be a few inches shorter than the one used on the ice as playerwill not be wearing skates)
  • Players must follow the directions for each week and meet the minimum number of shots required forthat week. Players may and are encouraged to shoot more than the minimum required shots perweek.
  • If player cannot hit the upper corner of the net, they can shoot to the lower corner or the middle levelof the net until they can hit the upper corner. Form and mechanics are more important than accuracyat the top of the net.
Create a Daily Practice Routine
  • Visit the YOUTUBE.COM/ONTARIOMINORHOCKEY to view video clips of each skill.
  • Get into a routine. Choose a time when you can practice at the same time every day.
  • Plan ahead for days that you can’t practice.
  • Have a dedicated place to shoot.
  • Be accountable – Do what you can without technique breaking down or losing your focus – don’t just go through the motions. Break your workout into smaller chunks - for example, do half the workoutearly in the day and finish the rest later on that day.
  • Get 20 pucks and shoot 5 sets of 20 for 100 pucks in a day. This should take about 20 minutes givenno distractions.
Tracking your Progress
  • Players must track your shots on the 5000 Puck Challenge Tracking Sheet
  • Submit completed tracking sheets to enter the raffle
  • Parents are required to sign-off on the number of shots completed each day
  • Goalies Think the 5000 Puck Challenge is only for players? RYH is challenging all Goaltenders to take the 5000 Puck Challenge by facing 5000 shots using various shots and angles. Find a friend, teammate or family member to shoot on you and follow along each week, tracking the shots you face. Remember, you don’t have to make 5000 saves – just face 5000 shots and work on and develop your technique.

Weekly Shot Instructions 100 pucks per day / 5 days [500 Pucks total]
Week #1
Wrist shots - 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
Week #2
Backhand shots - 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
Week #3
Snap shots - 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
Week #4
Wrist shots – Balancing on One foot - Back foot should be elevated on a bench or bucket equal to knee height 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
Week #5
Snap shots & Backhand shots - 50 each per day / 250 each per week all corners
Week #6
Drag & Shoot - 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
Week #7
Slap Shots - 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
(Novice to Atom – Snap shots)
Week #8
Stickhandle & Quick Release - 250 to lower corners & 250 to upper corners
Week #9
Players’ Choice - Alternate shots and alternate targets
Week #10
Players’ Choice - Alternate shots and alternate targets
Bonus One-Timer
This drill can be performed as an option in Week #9 or if player wishes to continue past 10 weeks Drill can be performed with partner or using a hockey or tennis ball and passing off wall.


The Plan: Remember… Build a foundation of technique skills 
  • Be consistent/accountable 
  • Increase proficiency & confidence 
  • Have fun building your skills!


Thank you sponsors for helping us with this challenge!