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How to Cancel and Reschedule a VALLEY HOCKEY or GIRLS LEAGUE Game


First, DON'T!  You will see that games are a headache to reschedule.  They also cost RYH and the cancelling team money (about $700: $315 for ice, about $80-$100 for officials, and $20 for a timekeeper, in addition to the $270 game fee that has already been paid.)  If a canceled game is not rescheduled, your team is charged with a forfeit loss AND RYH is charged your opponent's game fee.  Note: There is no cost to your team or RYH if your opponent cancels a game.  They are then responsible for rescheduling and providing ice, officials and a timekeeper.



Other options

  • Submit day off requests to the RYH Valley Hockey League representative as soon as you know your team is participating in a tournament so that you don't end up with games when your team is away.
  • If you are canceling because you are short on players, call up players from a lower level team.
  • If you feel the game date or time is unreasonable (e.g. too late on a school night or on a holiday) contact the RYH VHL rep to request that the league reschedule the game.
  • Swap games with another team. 


If you have no other option and must reschedule a Valley League Game:


1. Notify the VHL Rep of your intention to cancel the game and the reason.  He/She may be able to provide suggestions for how to avoid cancelling the game such as pulling up players from other teams or requesting the league move the game if is scheduled for an unreasonable time or date. If you and the VHL rep agree that the game needs to be canceled, proceed to step 2.


2. Contact your opponent to let them know of cancellation.


3. Submit a request to the RYH VHL Rep to submit a Game Cancellation form through the Valley Hockey League site.


4. In order to reschedule the game, submit a request to the Level Director and Treasurer to obtain approval.  


VHL Team Contacts


Go to https://admin.vahockey.com/login


Once logged in, "ADMIN" shows up on the right side of the menu bar. Choose "Game Swap " or "Game Cancellation" form from the drop-down list. Follow the directions on the form.


Select "My Team" under "myVHL "

Choose program & team from drop-down lists on the right

Completing Game Swap and Game Cancellation Forms on VHL site