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Hello Hockey Families, 

This page will include important resources in relation to our COVID-19 policies and protocols. We will be updating this as the situation changes. We ask all spectators, coaches and players to adhere to our protocols so that we can enjoy our rinks in a safe manner, observe the rules set by our Board of Health, and continue to skate through the season. 

RYH Board of Directors


  • COVID-19 Waiver
  • COVID-19 Protocols 
    Frequently Asked Questions
  • Valley Hockey League Individual Rink Guidelines and Protocols (new!)
  • Valley Hockey League Spectator Protocol
    • The VHL office has received several questions with regard to spectators at VHL games.  During the first few weeks of hockey games in August, Valley Rinks encountered very few if any issues with players and coaches.  However, we did encounter a vast number of spectators that were unwilling to abide by the State Mandated Covid-19 Guidelines.  Therefore, Valley Rinks imposed a no spectator policy for a 2 week period.  Starting September 11th all Valley Operated Rinks will revert back to a policy of 1 guardian/spectator per player.  However this will be contingent upon the spectators abiding by the mandatory guidelines, which include but not exclusively:  face coverings at all times, social distancing at all times, no parents in any locker room, following the one way enter/exit patterns, 1 spectator per player, etc..  The VHL is hopeful that all parents/spectators can and will abide by these guidelines and we can continue to allow 1 guardian/spectator per player at VHL Games.  Please understand that there are 1 or 2  rinks (private schools) that will prohibit any spectators in order to keep their students safe and this is beyond the control of the VHL.  The VHL will be providing a link on the VHL website with Rink Specific Protocol for all VHL Rinks prior to the start of the season.  Parents will be able to click on the link for each rink prior to attending a game.