Coaches Corner


Hello and Welcome to all Coaches,

Before anything else we would like to take a moment to thank you all for your acceptance of this role and for your commitment throughout the year to your team, parents and to the development of youth hockey. We all know hockey is the greatest and most difficult sport in the world.

Coach Guidebook *- Tips for being a volunteer coach for Reading Youth Hockey

Player Awards Form  - Mass Hockey award form for a hat trick, playmaker, or zero goals in a game 

We have also created a private Facebook group, RYH Coaches Corner. Through interactive conversations, RYH is pleased to present this resource that any RYH coach can use to improve his or her own abilities, and in turn, his team's on-ice performance.

Any questions, please contact Geoff Lopatka

Coach Materials

Access to Ice Hockey Systems (IHS)

Get a jump on the platform and starting to save time building your practice plans and making best use of on-ice time with this 30-minute intro:


1. On your first login start by setting up your Team Access account to share with your parents and players. When setting it up, remember:

  • Email CANNOT be the same as your coaching account, and in fact can just be a “dummy” email or one of your ACs emails. It will not be used for anything.
  • USERNAME: You pick: I would encourage you use the same team name as VHL to keep it easy for your players/parents.
  • PASSWORD: Get the password from your level director; the confirmation should come to your Coaching Account email address BUT just try this password with your Username after setting up and it should be good to go.
  • SHARE: The Team Username and Password with your Players/Parents so they can login to see the content you push their direction.

Navigation Highlights:

  • DASHBOARD: Video that provides overview of the platform and content feed with new content hitting the platform (blogs, drills, instructional videos, etc.)
  • ACCESS: Where you can search for Drills, Practice Plans, Systems, Off-Ice Exercises for ideas and to pull into your personal practice plans.
  • ORGANIZE: Where you can see Drills and Plans “Recommended” by program Directors, your saved Practice Plans, and your Uploaded and Saved resources.
  • CREATE: Upload pdf/jpg drills and plans. Upload video resources from Youtube. Create your own practice plans drawing on all content (IHS and external sources you upload) and Share or Hide from your team.
  • SHARE: See what you are sharing with your Team and make change as necessary.

Access to USA Hockey Practice Planner Guides

These manuals provide practice plans and materials needed for coaches at their respective age group. USA Hockey and its Coaching Education Program provide a vast amount of resources and plans for coaches. Each manual is a small sample of resources that are available and will provide you links to additional information for each section.


CoachTube is a community of over 600 coaches dedicated to giving athletes access to online training from the best coaches, organizations, and governing bodies available on-demand, from any device, anywhere.

Access to Goalie drills

These plans will help your beginner, intermediate and advanced goaltenders train at the proper levels to maximize their development.



USA Hockey offers the following materials on how to properly teach body-checking. 

Checking the Right Way - Manual

Training Video on body checking

Articles of Interest

Teaching Teamwork Skills in Youth Sports

5 Ways to Foster a Positive Team Culture

Making Parents An Asset By Avoiding Parent/Coach Conflict

Coach Certification

If you think there are a lot of “requirements” to be a youth coach, you are correct. All of them, whether they are registration-related or education-related, have been enacted because they are good for our young players.

Registration – You need to register with USA Hockey as a Coach. This provides you with ongoing information about coaching during the season and with some insurance coverages that can benefit you. Be sure to align these with your own insurance, of course. This must be done before you participate with your team. Click &/or copy & paste this link: Dashboard of your Current Coaching Status with USA Hockey – For returning Coaches please check your current status (as recorded by USA Hockey) by logging in at the following location; this view provides a single pane view of training/certification along with links to many of the systems you may need to access to complete certifications/training/screening for the current season.

· “My Profile”

· Click: “Coaching Information”


· Be Sure to Click “Refresh Data” at the top before reviewing your information.

· Keep in mind there is a 12-24 hour lag in updates from other systems (like SafeSport, Screening, Etc.) before it will show on this page.

Information and links to complete any outstanding activity are included on this page, including:

· CEP Number

· Age Specific Online Modules Completed

· Certification Level

· Safesport Verification

· Screening Verification

Screening (Background & CORI Checks) –This must be done before you participate with your team. Click &/or copy & paste this link: There is no added cost for this. It is included in your USA Hockey Registration fee. (Please note you will need to upload a copy of your driver’s license so you may want to do that in advance.) SafeSport – There is no cost for this and the system will let you know if you DO NOT need this for this season as you enter your information.

* USA Hockey requires that all coaches and all players 17 and older must complete Safesport Training. All coaches, officials, volunteers and players WILL NOT be allowed on a roster until the SafeSport training is completed and reflected within their USA Hockey Registration.

Coaching Education – Online Age-Specific Modules –Coaches need to complete these before participating with their team, so that the age-specific training elements can be incorporated into your practice planning and parent communications. Click &/or copy & paste this link: Education – Clinics – If your Coaching Education Clinic credential expires this fall, you need to move to the next level (or possibly renew if at Level 4). For specifics on Coaching Clinic requirements, visit: Clinic Schedules can be found at this page as well. Clinics are generally offered from mid-August through late-December. The deadline for attending a clinic is December 31.

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